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"I can't remember if I have ever seen the floors so tidy! Outstanding work - will be hiring them weekly - and so will my sis!"

Ruth P.

Looking for house cleaning services?

We offer the best professional house sanitation services in Waterbury. Our team of experienced and passionate cleaners provides services that help to quickly and effortlessly get your homes cleaned. There is nothing you have to worry about when you call us to clean your house.

House cleaning Waterbury will make this possible for you. Right from vacation rental turnover, kitchen, post-renovation, and bathroom cleaning to windows cleaning, we will take care of every possible dimension of sanitising your home. We offer easy to book and flexible services which help homeowners to schedule housework services at a date and time of their choice.

Why should someone use house cleaning services?

Most homeowners think that they do not need the services of a professional cleaner. For years, homeowners have been tidying their homes, all by themselves. There are bathrooms, furniture cabinets, electrical appliances, wall paintings and many other things that demand regular washing. Doing this alone can become a nightmare for people.
On top of that, the busy schedule does not let them spare time to engage in housework activities. But professional sanitation services can accomplish the task efficiently without requiring the homeowner's involvement. This results in the conservation of time which homeowners can use to engage in other productive activities.

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Benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service

Let house cleaning Waterbury do the dirty work
Spend more time with your family
During weekends most homeowners end up spending considerable time cleansing their homes. Hours are spent on sanitizing the windows, carpets, and doors. Hiring a professional cleaning service saves you a lot of time which you can spend with family or devote to some other work. This way you will be able constructively use your time rather than spending it tidying your home.
Enjoy in expert cleaning services
There are different spaces in your house that require differentiated techniques to be sanitized properly. Services offered by house cleaning agencies help to wash different areas of your house. They have experts who are master cleaners and understand the requirements of the customers.
Improve the health and hygiene
People are often not able to properly clean their bathrooms and sinks. Failure to do so might result in improper treatment of germs which can result in illnesses. Professional cleaners use chemicals and tools to properly disinfect these areas, improving hygienic conditions of your home.

List of Our Services

We offer a range of house cleaning services to our clients at affordable rates. We are 100% local and completely based out of Waterbury. This helps us to understand the local needs and provide services that result in high customer satisfaction.

Residential cleaning

Daily household activities and frequent visits by the guests leave you with very little time to tidy your home. We are a house cleanup service from Waterbury that provides the best sanitation experience for the clients. Residential cleaning services include standard and deep cleaning depending upon the needs of the customers. Unlike other popular franchises, we are located in Waterbury and operate as a standalone services company. This helps us to develop a bond with the customers even before we start to tidy up.
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Post-construction cleaning

We provide post-construction cleaning services to help our clients tidy the mess as a result of ongoing construction. With professionals having decades of experience in post-construction sanitation, we will perform a deep clean at your premises. Our representatives will plan and execute the sanitation activity in a manner to ensure that you are ready to move to your new home at the earliest.
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Move-in move-out cleaning

Our experts will help you to perform move-in move-out cleaning. Realtors, homeowners and property managers find it difficult to get their premises cleaned while moving in or moving out. With the help of the right tools, we will disinfect your home to ensure you get a spotless house when you set foot inside your new home.
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Vacation rental turnover cleaning

Homeowners rent out vacant spaces to guests and travelers for limited periods. Tidying these spaces is not always easy. The entire space needs to be sanitized and cleaned properly before the next occupants arrive. We provide vacation rental turnover cleaning services to ensure that your rental spaces are sanitized and your customers stay happy.
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"I can not recommend them enough! This company is honest, does a really good job and is very flexible! What an awesome treat it is to have your home sparkling clean! Thank you! Iโ€™ll see you next week! ๐Ÿ˜"

Kathy S.

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House cleaning hacks 

 ๐Ÿงน๐Ÿงฝ ๐Ÿ˜Š

Homeowners who are looking for quick hacks to sanitize their homes can make use of the following tips.
Housework hack #1
Dusting your fan
You can smartly clean your ceiling fans using a pillowcase. Take an old pillowcase and slide the fan blade inside. Sandwich the blades between your hands and slowly pull the case out. This will remove the dust and ensure that it does not fall on the ground, keeping the floor and tables spotless.
Deodorize the mattress
You have washed your mattress several times but it has not helped you to do away with the foul smell. You can resolve this by taking a small amount of baking soda and a few drops of essential oils. Spray the mixture on the mattress and let it settle. The mixture will slowly absorb the odor. Use a vacuum cleaner to pull the dust.
Shower and tub sanitation
To sanitize them you can use a combination of vinegar and dishwashing soap. Spray the mixture on the tub or shower. Wait for it to settle down on the surface. This mixture will react with the grime and mineral deposits on your tub. Scrub and rinse with water to get a sparkling bathroom.
Kitchen and bathroom scrubbing
Kitchen and bathroom scrubbing is an unpleasant task. Using hydrogen peroxide along with baking soda can help to deal with it. Scrub the mixture around the surface and let it be for a few minutes. Gently, rinse with water and you will be happy to see shining surfaces!
Detox the garbage disposal
The garbage disposal accumulates a lot of foul smell and mess. Sanitizing it is essential but most owners do not know how to do it. You can use lemon slices and water to detox the garbage disposal. This will effectively clean the disposal and also remove the odor.

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