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It is a tedious task for people to clean their properties when they move-in or move-out of a house. It doesn't matter whether the property is new or old, there will be layers of dust, cobwebs, and germs lingering here and there. You need to avail the services of a cleaning agency that can help to get your premises cleaned and into a movable condition.

We offer the best move-in move-out cleaning services in Waterbury. Our experts are trained to clean condos, apartments, large residential premises, etc. You do not have to worry about the dimensions of your new apartment or building, neither do you have to be concerned about how dirty it is from the inside. Just book a service from us and leave everything on our professional cleaning agents. It might take longer than usual but we will ensure that when you step inside, you will find the space clean and fresh.

Who needs move-in move-out cleaning services?


Every owner wants to move into a property that is free of dust and germs. If a property has been lying closed for a long period or it has been recently vacated, a lot of dust and pollutants might have accumulated over the days. To get the property cleaned you need professionals who can perform the task swiftly and holistically.


Sellers who are looking at letting out or selling their properties would benefit immensely from this service. Buyers will only occupy your premises if it is in a movable condition. Cobwebs on every corner of the home and dust mites growing on the walls will not tempt the buyer. On the other hand, presenting a clean and fresh home to your buyer might not only execute the sale but also fetch a handsome price for your property.

Realtors/Property Managers

For realtors and property managers it is also essential to provide a clean and fresh looking property to the individuals who are buying from them. This will improve their reputation and help further in selling more properties to prospective buyers.

How long does it take to clean a home?

Ideally, our expert cleaners will perform a clean sweep of your new home as quickly as possible. However, the actual time taken would vary based on many factors. Since the premises would be overpopulated with pollutants, our move-in move-out cleaning experts would perform a deep cleaning service. This usually takes more time than standard cleaning service. The type of property, size of the premises, number of cleaners hired and the equipment used will determine the time taken to clean the house.
Sometimes, the condition of the house might warrant more than one visit which will increase the time taken to clean the house. Whatever will be the case, be rest assured that your residential property would be cleaned within the shortest period. Our cleaners will take care of every corner to give crisp and clean areas when you move in. We are more excited than our clients to see them move into the fresh and clean premises handed over by us.

What cleaning services do we offer

Our cleaners will perform a deep clean of your entire house. Here is a list of some cleaning activities that we will undertake before you move in.
  • Removing cobwebs and dust from the walls
  • Cleaning window frames and glasses
  • Cleaning doors to wipe dust, fingerprints, spots, etc.
  • Full cleaning of cabinets and drawers from both outside and inside
  • Removing dust and moisture from stairs
  • Cleaning areas inside the kitchen
  • Removing dust and cobwebs from the bedrooms
  • Cleaning of dust and cobwebs from the living areas
  • Floor cleaning - both vacuum and mop
  • Removing grease from inside pane of doors
  • Cleaning and drying of sink and faucet
  • Wiping the dust from lights and switch plates
  • Fireplace cleaning
  • Basement cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
Some of the areas mentioned in the list above might require additional equipment and amenities. We, therefore, advise our customers to disclose full details regarding the structure of the premises. Our expert cleaners would love to assist you in performing cleaning at your premises. Call us now and book a move-in move-out cleaning service.
If you live in England we can recommend end of tenancy cleaning in Guildford.

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