Post-Construction Cleaning

Need professional post-construction cleaning services?

Post-construction cleaning is the process by which a property is cleaned after the construction work is complete. The construction activity could involve constructing a new property or a home improvement project. There is a lot of cleaning left to be done before the premises is clean enough for people to move in. After completion of the projects, some construction contractors perform basic cleaning activities like removing the debris, mopping the floor, dusting the doors, etc. Still there is a lot of cleaning to be done before you can finally move into the property. This cleaning service is performed by agencies that provide cleaning services after the construction work is completed.

Our post-construction cleanup service in Waterbury will take care of transitioning your new home from a finished construction site to a living quarter. With a team of experienced cleaners, we will perform a deep clean of your entire property. Construction activity is already a stressful task and our cleaners would save you from accumulating further stress by handing over fresh and shining premises that you can easily move into. We are one of the leading cleaning services in the city and our experts are trained to perform all kinds of cleaning activities.

How will we perform the post-construction cleaning?

Based in Waterbury and operating locally, our clients have several advantages. Before beginning the cleaning work, we discuss in detail the requirements of the customers and then perform the necessary cleaning activities.

Our post-construction cleaning service involves the following steps


Survey of the Premises

One of our experts will visit the site to have a look at your property. Our professional cleaners will conduct a thorough survey of the area and discuss your cleaning requirements. This will include inspecting the dimensions of the property, determining the equipment required to perform the necessary cleaning and evaluating the nature of construction activities undertaken. We will also ask you about the tentative date of completion of the ongoing construction activity.

Submitting an Estimate

Survey would be followed by preparing an estimate for the post-construction cleanup to be performed at your home. This would vary depending upon the size of your property, the present condition of the premises and scope of the cleaning work. We would also furnish details on the date which we can schedule a cleaning service and the approximate time that it would take. If requested by the clients, our experts can also prepare a checklist based on the survey.

Confirming a Booking

Following the submission of the proposal, the clients can thoroughly go through it. If you are confused about anything, you can reach out to our expert to get your doubts cleared. After the proposal has been accepted, we will schedule the cleaning service at a mutually decided date. Clients need to ensure that all construction activities have been completed before the date of scheduling the cleaning service. If there are any changes, please inform our experts so that we can reschedule the cleaning service.

Cleaning your Premises

This is the step where we take over your house. We will perform a thorough cleaning of your newly constructed or renovated premises. Our expert cleaners will first remove any residual debris and then move on to undertake deep cleaning. Whether it's a newly renovated kitchen, bathroom or an entire property, our post-construction cleaners will use different types of equipment and cleaning solutions to give a complete makeover to your home.

Enhanced Cleaning Processes

We use an enhanced cleaning procedure which aims to give the best results to our clients. Every home is different and our cleaning services are modified to provide the best results to every client. We perform a wide range of cleaning services to ensure that every corner of your house is gleaming and smelling fresh, even before you set foot inside your newly constructed home.

Standard post-construction cleaning services that our expert cleaners perform

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  • Dusting doors, cabinets and drawers
  • Vacuuming and mopping of floors and kitchen areas
  • Cleaning and polishing of mirrors, glasses and other similar surfaces
  • Washing sink areas, bathrooms and other such areas
  • Swimming pool cleaning and washing
  • Additional cleaning services that might be required

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